We are the oldest operating seafood plant in Alaska. We are proud of our reputation for top quality products. We are also very proud of our safety record. While the majority of our employees are seasonal, we also have a crew that works approximately 10 months a year. The majority of those employees first started coming to Petersburg to work seasonal at our plant and after one or two seasons, they made the decision to move to Petersburg and work at the plant on a full time basis.

We believe the reasons people make that decision are, they see room for growth and advancement with Petersburg Fisheries, and they see that the community of Petersburg is a great place to live. While living on an island where the only access is by plane or boat can be somewhat isolating, the benefits of living in this community certainly make up for it.

If you read any articles about Petersburg, one of the first things you will read, is that everyone is met with a friendly smile and good cheer. One of the main comments we receive on our exit questionnaire, is in regards to the friends that people make while working at the plant and staying in Petersburg.

Petersburg also has one of the best school systems in Alaska and is in general, a great place to raise a family. Petersburg has virtually no crime rate, so everyone feels safe on the streets and in their homes. Also, the beauty of S.E. Alaska is beyond compare. Grey Whales, Humpback whales, Orca, Sea lions and seals are very common sights in our waters. While Black bear, Deer, Porcupines and Moose are a common sight on our main lands. Bald eagles, Ravens and Seagulls fill our skies. Petersburg is a sportsman's paradise, with hunting, fishing, jet skiing (with a dry suit), snow skiing, snowmobile riding, and with trips up the Stikine River to the natural hot springs, one can certainly stay busy.

We are proud to call Petersburg home and Petersburg Fisheries our place of employment. So if you you decide to come to Petersburg Fisheries for seasonal work, take some time to look around, you just might decide to call Petersburg your home